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When you have a business to run, it’s overwhelming and impossible to monitor 400 different interchange categories, your rates, and merchant fees. Interchange Optimization can help you achieve lower rate categories on all of your card transactions.

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B2B ACH and check transactions are falling by the wayside. Today, business owners are charging large purchases on their business and corporate credit cards. This provides them with flexible payment terms and, more importantly, the opportunity to accumulate points or cash back on regular business expenses.

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Visa and MasterCard have very specific rules when it comes to payment acceptance procedures. When a purchase is made on a credit card it goes through a qualification process based on specific data requirements that are set forth by Visa and MasterCard. These data requirements are divided into three Levels (Level 1, 2, and 3.) and help determine the interchange rate that the transaction qualifies for.

Visa and MasterCard want this additional data because it helps them be more efficient. So, as an incentive they offer a lower, discounted rate to merchants who provide the additional data. Interchange Optimization simply gives your business the best chance at qualifying for the lowest interchange rate every single time.

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What does this Mean?

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In the following examples, three different customers are purchasing goods from the Drywall Supply Store (DSS). Two out of three of the transactions are eligible for lower rates thanks to Interchange Optimization. Each customer will be making a purchase using a different type of debit or credit card. 

Business to consumer (b2C)

Level 1

A DIY’er purchases a sheet of drywall on his personal debit card at DSS. This is a traditional Business to Consumer (B2C) transaction and will qualify for a Level 1 interchange rate. In order to achieve Level 1 rates, only 3 data requirements have to be met. These data elements are typically submitted with every single sale by default.

Level 2

Business to Business (B2B)

A self-employed Home Improvement Contractor needs to purchase drywall for a basement remodel. The contractor reaches for her business credit card. If DSS submits all nine data requirements on the left, then they have the opportunity save money by qualifying for lower Level 2 rates. Typical rate reductions range from .20% – .75%.

Level 3

Business to Business (B2B)
Business to Government (B2G)

A national home builder places a large drywall order with DSS and uses a Commercial credit card. DSS has the opportunity to qualify for Level 3 transaction rate of 1.90% + $.10 . In order to achieve that Level 3 rate, DSS must provide twenty-three data elements with the transaction. Typical rate reductions can range from .60% – 1.05%

We get it. Managing and submitting all of the required data for a single credit card transaction sounds like a daunting task. Not to mention, time consuming. Summit Payments has partnered with the leading payment gateways that will help you put Interchange Optimization on autopilot. These gateways feature auto-fill technology that completes the data requirements for you. Your business will benefit from more revenue by keeping a greater percentage of every sale.

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It’s easy to identify whether or not your business will benefit from Interchange Optimization. Look at the interchange section on your merchant statement. Pay attention to words like Commercial (COMM), Corporate (CORP), Business (BUS), Purchasing (PURCH), Fleet (FLT), EIRF, and Non-Qualified (Non Qual). If a large percentage of your sales are falling into these categories, then you could benefit from Interchange Optimization.

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