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Merchant Services

Food Truck Point of Sale Essentials

The successful operation of a food truck depends on many factors, but one of the most important is speed of service. 81 percent of all transactions are cashless, so having an efficient means of accepting credit cards is one of the best ways to keep your line moving.

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Merchant Services

What Are Virtual Credit Cards?

Recently, the use of virtual credit cards (VCCs) has become a popular means of paying for goods and services online. VCCs are temporary credit card numbers that allow a consumer to complete a transaction online without providing their real account number. This can add an extra layer of security to purchases involving credit cards. 

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Merchant Services

How Does ACH Payment Processing Work?

ACH payments are a popular means of transferring funds, especially for small businesses. But what, exactly, is an ACH payment, and how is it processed?

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Merchant Services

Are You Paying Too Much for Merchant Services?

The ability to accept electronic payments, especially credit and debit cards, is essential for most contemporary businesses. These payments are convenient and secure, and allow both the company and customer to keep instant track of financing through online maintenance.  They also cost the business owner. While they are almost always worth it, many businesses may wonder if they are paying too much for merchant services.

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Benefits of offering contactless payment

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the way businesses operate, and payment processing is no exception. In addition to transitioning goods and services online and accepting remote payments, contactless payments have become essential in allowing in-person business to resume.

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6 Steps to Prevent Cyber Attacks in Small Business

Knowing how to prevent cyber attacks is a crucial step for long-term success in your business. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable, as cyber criminals may perceive them as having fewer security resources. Use these 6 steps to avoid becoming a victim.

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Easy Ways to Reduce Overhead Costs

In this article, we discuss simple and effective ways to reduce overhead costs- without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

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