About Us

Summit Payments, L.L.C. was founded in 2018. We believe in being transparent and doing the right thing every single day. Small business owners need an advocate on their side because with merchant services, the scales are often tipped against them.

Our Founder

Brendon Degner moved to Colorado in 2008 after meeting his wife, Rebecca, at their best friends wedding in Las Vegas (yes, that actually happened).  Brendon and Rebecca currently live in Aurora, CO with their two daughters, Reese (5) and Harper (3).

Brendon started in the payments industry shortly after he moved to Colorado.  He has always been passionate about helping people and technology, so the payments industry was the perfect fit for him.  Over the last twelve years, Brendon has been able to fulfill his passions by helping his clients utilize technology to help grow their businesses.

Away from work, Brendon enjoys photographing his family, a cold glass of Breckenridge Bourbon with a splash of Ginger Ale, authoring his personal blog, and skiing.

Brendon Degner's family

did we just

become best friends