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Merchant Services

Merchant Services for Healthcare Providers

The medical industry has traditionally relied on paper billing for its services, and many providers report it can take a month or longer to be paid. The ability to accept credit cards is crucial in streamlining the process and has been shown to increase both office and patient satisfaction.

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Merchant Services

5 Reasons Your Merchant Account Was Denied

Having your merchant account denied is rare, but it does happen on occasion. These are the top reasons merchant account providers deny an application.

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Benefits of offering contactless payment

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the way businesses operate, and payment processing is no exception. In addition to transitioning goods and services online and accepting remote payments, contactless payments have become essential in allowing in-person business to resume.

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Understanding Card Not Present Transactions

The ability to accept credit cards remotely is increasingly important as more shoppers go online to purchase goods and services. These types of transactions are known as Card Not Present transactions.

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6 Steps to Prevent Cyber Attacks in Small Business

Knowing how to prevent cyber attacks is a crucial step for long-term success in your business. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable, as cyber criminals may perceive them as having fewer security resources. Use these 6 steps to avoid becoming a victim.

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Easy Ways to Reduce Overhead Costs

In this article, we discuss simple and effective ways to reduce overhead costs- without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

level up interchange optimization

Level Up with Interchange Optimization

Learn how interchange optimization can help you qualify for lower rates and substantially decrease your total merchant services fees.

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